4Media Video Cutter

4Media Video Cutter 2.2

4Media Video Cutter can help you divide a video into many segments

Cutting a movie clip into segments is one of the basic operations involved in video editing. 4Media Video Cutter can help you divide a video into as many segments as necessary. The program has a nice interface, which is intuitive enough for you not to have any difficulties while using it.

Multiple video formats are supported as input. Once you have selected the video to edit, the program will allow you to preview it. In order to extract a segment, you only need to mark the initial and end times. This operation can be done simply by dragging two handlers; however, you can also enter the exact times. Unfortunately, the application does not include smart scene detection or frame-by-frame playback, which could help a lot to find the exact frames. The process of selecting a segment can be repeated more than once. Therefore, multiple fragments can be extracted in a single session. Moreover, you can recombine the resulting segments into a single output video.

All in all, the features available in 4Media Video Cutter let you perform simple authoring actions. If you combine the cutting and merging procedures wisely, you can create your own videos.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It supports multiple input formats
  • It allows extracting multiple segments
  • It has a nice interface
  • It allows re-combining segments


  • It does not support frame-by-frame playback and smart scene detection
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